About the middle man



Experience in the Industry

With 8 years in the hardware retail industry and a history of unbeatable customer service, there is not much that I can’t source and price for your project. I’ve worked in and managed 5 big name hardware stores around the county and have extensive experience in sourcing and supplying materials and goods.

Why do business with me?

You may ask yourself: Why do business this guy - I could easily just go to a hardware store! 

Firstly, I look for the best deal for your project. I partner with your company to provide the best product at the best price with the best service. I aim to ensure that you receive the correct product timeously, deal with suppliers on your behalf and go out of my way to create an overall less stressful experience for you. 

Allow me to partner with your business to save you money and get you the right product.

What makes me stand out from the competition?

I provide a personalised service and I truly care about making your business a success. Honesty and integrity are vital in an industry where people are easily ‘ripped off.’

My Vision

A healthy business relationship whereby your experience is hassle free as I take the burden from your business when trying to find and source the right materials. 

I’m not just a supplier. I am a partner to your business.